Through their eyes

It was one of those days again, dull and dragging despite the bright sun outside – maybe it was the pain, or the meds or maybe cos I was feeling especially let down and could have used a friend – then Vidu and Vish walked through the door after their camp, hugged me close, enquired about my pain (I was home off from work) and were visibly concerned. Before I could ask them about their day and if they had fun at the camp, they told me that I am the most caring person in the family, that i am always doing things for them and that they both will help me in my chores so that I am no in pain all the time 🙂

And just like that, my day became brighter, my eyes instantly teared up despite the pain and the meds. Sometimes, all it takes to feel cherished  – is the innocent words of love from your children 🙂


If we all could see the world through eyes of a child, we would see the magic in everything ~ Chee Vai Tang

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  1. Reks says:

    lovely post lux. kids are so unpredictable. we often say “we never know what’s going to come out of their mouth”…maybe that’s not a bad thing all the time :).

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