Urban planner, Fibro warrier, amateur writer, really amateur photographer, wanna-be chef, Moi a.k.a Lakshmi Rajagopalan. I have been married to Guru for 14 years (has it been that long 🙂 ), who is my rock with FM, mom to 3 lovely boys, Vidyuth, Vishruth and Rocky 🙂 who keep me on my feet all day (& night) long.

with my Rock, Guru
A light moment with my boys
A light moment with my boys


WhatsApp-Image-20160529 (1)
Moi with Rocky
My boys all grown up

Fiercely independent with a rebelling streak, known for my tomboyish traits, nicknamed “Phoolan Devi” in college…..
Love all things organic, casual, comfy & earthy (READ: PJs and t-shirts)
Music and Books are an absolute necessity to me survival.

When faced with a roadblock or a distraction, I rant for sometime (DUH!!!) and remember my mantra
“The expected is just the beginning. The unexpected is what changes our lives………EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED.” and
“Low expectations lead to less disappointments….”

I started this blog as a sounding board for my thots, observations,and sometimes my experiences from real/reel life…….but now it is my way of coping with Fibromyalgia, a small step that allows me to retain my sanity despite the maddening pain and everything that comes with it.

Here’s hoping for a less-pain…..eventually pain-free day and life.




6 Comments Add yours

  1. vensri says:

    Isn’t the real life itself a reel life, at times?

  2. Vicky says:

    Hi Lakshmi

    I read your post about Fibromyalgia – my wife is having exactly the same side effects as your. We are planning a family and wanted to check with you if you had this condition during pregnancy? Also, are you trying Ayurveda as a cure?


  3. Lakshme, can u pl tell me about offering grains to our amily deity, if only children should offer or even us? Pl reply to my mail

    1. Pls check with the priest. He will be the best person to advise

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