Nostalgic Tune-up!

Ever listened to a song, only to be transported to your past, to wonderful memories that make you feel nostalgic? Guru and I were watching TV – a music show called Isai Gnani (yes, this show is exclusively for IR fans 🙂 Anyways, they played a song from a 80’s hit movie, தூறல் நின்னு போச்சு (Thooral Ninnu Pochu), தங்க சங்கிலி(Thanga Changili)

I was humming with the song and Guru was surprised to see me hum the exact interludes, beats and all………….which led us to take a walk down the memory lane.

When i was in grade 1 or 2, my mom had a cassette tape (YUP, the same ones with irritating flimsy black tape, that always get stuck when your favorite song is playing), with 2 songs, yes just TWO songs recorded over and over in that tape – Side A – தங்க சங்கிலி(Thanga Changili) from தூறல் நின்னு போச்சு (Thooral Ninnu Pochu) and Side B -பொத்தி வெச்ச (Pothi Vecha) from மண் வாசனை (Man Vaasanai).

So we listened to the same song at least 6 times when Side A of the tape was being played. When I used to crib about listening to the same song over and over, she used to make it a fun time, where she would get me and Ram hold hands with her, in a ring-around-the-rosie kinda style, and do a dance, a casual jig for the beats that come in the 2nd interlude in Thanga Changili. I don’t know about Ram but I started enjoying these impromptu dance sessions with my mom so much so that i used to insist on playing Side A non stop. My mom was working full time (including Saturday) and back in those days we never had WFH’s or connecting from home, in addition she also used to take care of my grandparents, my aunt and uncle so i used to look forward to these moments when she would put away whatever she is doing to make us feel like we are the center of the world, HER world anyways.

Now that I am a mom, I realize the role these memories have had in our lives, shaping us up the way we are now. For example, I realized that I have been doing something similar with Vidyuth and Vishruth, we either sing together or dance together or read together….and some more. These are things that they do only with me and Guru also has something that he does with the kids and vice versa. I am glad and feel lucky to have had a good childhood, complete with awesome memories, scoldings, hugs, kisses and I hope to give the same to my boys.

Material things and comforts have an expiry date to them………….Memories have none, they stay with you forever and warm your heart up when you are cold and lonely!



  1. hi papputtu, u have really transported me to our kk nagar flat where we maximum fun time not only with u and ram but also with other kids anu, shalini, bhamini, raji and sumi. i was reminded of our mottai madi evening play times. Pattu class and soooo on. i feel like singing “andha nalum vandidatho”.
    I must really thank my dear frient Raj kumar was recording the cassette with these two classic. No it was Raj kumars DAD who did this job for me. Thanks appa for helping me and my children having fun.

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