Thank you my friend(s) for your kindness and mindfulness

When you live with chronic pain, you learn to fake through it….you put on a smile or take on the Resting Pain Face. Very few know the actual pain you are in as they do not see you beyond your mask. Even during painful flares, the mask doesn’t come off cos there is always the reality of being judged or even shamed.

But then suddenly out of the blue, you get a message/an email/a phone call from someone who thought of you as they read about something/practiced a technique that worked for chronic pain. What makes this message special is that there is NO EXPECTATION or JUDGEMENT behind their suggestion, only their wish that  there is a slight possibility that you might get better. And if you are skeptical/scared to try it, they don’t feel bad. They were merely passing on this information and understand that every person is different and that the technique/treatment might not work for you, but that they just wanted to let you know.

In a world of expectations and judgements, when one is made to feel guilty or even ashamed for one’s condition, these people are rare and I am glad to have the privilege of being your friend.

Thank you my friend(s) for your kindness and most importantly, your MINDFULNESS as that is what keeps me energized and helps me move on from the hurtful comments and judgements I receive from so many around me. Your words/actions might not have seemed big to you but to me, it made ALL the difference – it gave me more HOPE

THANK YOU for caring !!



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