Exercise with Fibromyalgia

I ran across this great three part, YouTube series by Dr. Richard Podell with Dr. Kim Jones, discussing exercise tips for those with fibromyalgia. I found this series helpful, maybe you will too.

Segment One 

Segment Two 

Segment Three 

All doctors tell their FM patients to get more exercise, but many of those doctors don’t seem to understand how difficult it actually is and why. It is not that exercise is impossible, or that we are not motivated, it is because exercise is a very slippery slope. If you push through pain, try to keep up with others or fail to recognize your limit, you end up in a flare. Too much stretching the wrong muscles, not drinking enough water, shoes without support, improper posture, etc., there are so many ways to accidentally end up in a flare. Learning that you don’t have to push yourself or compete…

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