Chronic Illness and Acceptance

It is ok to have bad days and it is ok to feel down/angry/frustrated. Just don’t take it too hard on yourself. We often are compassionate to everyone around us who are suffering and/or in pain but we fail to extend that same compassion to ourself when we deserve it the most.

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I try really hard to stay positive about having fibromyalgia. The more negative I feel about it, the more pain I have. I have learned to focus on gratitude, but even this sometimes fails. Today I am having one of those days. This flare has been hanging around for two months and decided to peak this week. I had to cancel plans to go away this weekend for our anniversary. It sucks, I’m so tired of letting people down.

We spoonies talk about acceptance all the time. Accepting our reality and learning to live with our new limited normal. It really is important. But I am starting to wonder if acceptance is something you learn or if it is something you have to practice. It ebbs and flows for me. One day I have accepted it and found a certain amount of resolve and just a few months later…

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