I would like to think that I have a continuous love-affair with songs…so much so that I actually walk around with an original soundtrack in my mind 🙂 It might have been the music that got you hooked on to it in the first place but as time goes on…..some lyrics, even if they are in a language that you only partially understand, touch and stir the deepest recesses of your soul… makes you wanna fly, dance with abandon, sing with joy, be in love……..just BE!

Neeyam aathmaavin sankalpaminningane
Mindaathe mindunnathento
Orkkathirunnappol ennullil nee vannu

Thiraseela maatumorma pole….sakhi
Oru naalamay poothulanju nee ninnenthino

Arikile puthu mandhaaramay vidaru nee
Punaruvaan kothi thonnunoree pulariyil


Njanente Athmavinazhathinullil
Athilolamarorumariyathe Sookshicha
Thaalangal Raagangal Eenangalayi
Ororo Varnangalaayi
Edarunnorente Edanenjinullil
Pranayathin Mazhayaay Pozhiyunnee Naalil
Thalarunnorente Thanathorum Ninte
Alathallum Pranayathalunarum Malare

“Love, I find, is like singing.” ― Zora Neale Hurston


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