Happiness is…….

Happiness is……

  • Waking up early only to find out that it is not a school day and you have all that time for yourself 🙂
  • Enjoying and savoring your morning cuppa

    The best filter kaapi
    The best filter kaapi
  • Going for a walk on the beach
G & I
G & I
  • Seeing the most amazing sunsetP1000341
  • Observing uninhibited joy


  • Eating chilli-mango on the beach even though it is a tad too hot

  • Acting silly


  • Having mum feed you 🙂
Nothing tastes better than curd rice that mum feeds
Nothing tastes better than curd rice that mum feeds
Nothing tastes better than curd rice that mum feeds
Nothing tastes better than curd rice that mum feeds
  • Taking an afternoon snooze
  • Going out for coffee/drinks with friends



  • Smelling the sun and feeling the warmth in freshly laundered bedspreads
  • Walking barefoot on sand


  • Getting soaked in the rain
  • Smelling the earth (Manvaasanai) when the first rain falls
  • Turning on the TV to find that your favorite movie/show is on/back-to-back
  • Enjoying a meal after a hard-day’s work
  • Finishing up your DIY projects, be it cleaning up the kids’ room/rearranging furniture/getting photos up
  • Talking to your dog and having him tilt his head in response 🙂WhatsApp-Image-20160529 (1)
  • Seeing your paper in printIMG_1955.JPGIMG_1959.JPG
  • Re-reading your favorite dog eared book
  • Discovering a new favorite book
  • Getting that long due post published
  • Hearing the song that compliments your mood and brings a smile to your face
  • Putting mehandi at your cousin’s wedding
  • Dressing up
  • Dancing with abandon
  • Singing to your favorite tune
  • Reminiscing old/good times with your loved ones/cousins/friends
  • Remembering snippets from  childhood
  • Getting back in touch with your old teachers and Getting pleasantly surprised that your teachers remember you
  • Feeling the love and concern my parents and my brother have for me
  • Hearing your kids say that “You are the best mom/parent in the WWW”
my babies
  • Your kids becoming your teacher
  • Your baby telling him HE HAS A CRUSH ON A GIRL 🙂 🙂 You are happy that he trusts you enough to talk about it to you (all the while freaking out – my baby is growing up, he is growing up too fast, too soon)Vidu and Laks
  • Staying up all night talking to Guru
  • Going out for an impromptu dinner with Guru that turns out to be the most wonderful date you have been to with him
  • Feeling the warmth of Guru as I curl up beside him
  • Waking up late and rushing to the kitchen only to find Guru has already gotten the kids ready to school 🙂
  • Realizing how blessed you are to have a roof over your head and to have a family that loves you a lot!!
  • ………….and so much more
Here’s to joyous and joyful moments!!!
Featured image from https://psychconnection.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/happiness-is.jpg


  1. […] devise new ways to structure your activities, your day, maintain your positive outlook of life,  revel in the simple pleasures and take it one day at a time cos that’s how much you can handle. And then wham, bham, a flare […]

  2. […] I have achieved ALL the goals that I had set for myself in August 2013 and am feeling really good about small victories, not to mention the small(er) satisfaction that one gets out of kicking fibro in its rear We traveled to our heart’s content and reveled in the simple(r) pleasures of life. […]

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