You can’t heal what you don’t feel

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feel it
By Nicole S. Urdang M.S., NCC, DHM, Holistic Psychotherapist.

Printed with the permission of the author who retains copyright. (first posted on Beyond Meds last year)

You can’t heal what you don’t feel

Can you imagine a life without one of your five senses? Maybe, but it certainly isn’t something you would joyfully embrace. Even if having all five senses means you sometimes see, smell, hear, touch, or taste things that elicit a negative reaction, you understand the gift of having all five far eclipses those unpleasant moments.

Being human comes with the ability to experience life in many different ways, through a body, a brain, and a spirit. You may not always think so, but your emotional range is also a gift. Though you will face negative feelings on and off throughout your life, you probably would not give up the ability to feel simply because, sometimes, emotions are…

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