Feel like a kid again (it doesn’t take much….effort, that is)

Snippets from a conversation between a bus driver and a lady:

Lady: Sir, my daughter is traveling from Chennai to Bangalore alone. Please drive carefully and make sure she gets down safe.

Driver: Seri madam.

The daughter in question is not a child or a young woman, mind you but an adult, who is independent and has traveled at all times of the day and night alone…..yes, its YOURS TRULY 🙂

Was visiting the folks this past weekend and had a relaxing time visiting my aunt, being exclusively pampered between mum and dad (kids and G were in Bangalore so I had some much needed tim off and had my folks ALL to myself 🙂 When they are busy playing grandparents, they hardly even look at me so yes, I was very glad about this short trip.

When I was doing my Bachelors in Madurai and visiting home for the holidays, my mom always used to get agitated and upset and yell at me for no reason when it was time for me to leave. Initially, I used to feel very bad and used to yell back at her but then as time passed I realized that she was yelling at me not because she was angry at me but because she was sad that I was leaving home. Once I identified the root, I talked it over to my mom and we found other ways to channelize her feelings (and we lived happily ever after :P…couldn’t resist, hehe). The 2 days I spent at my folks, I felt like I had come through a time machine. Maybe it was because I was w/o the kids and G, my mum probably saw me as a kid, a young girl or even a single woman but not as a grown woman.

Guess what! As much as the conversation between my mom and the driver (and of course the amused look he was giving me) made me want to dig myself into the ground (complete with the eye rolling and mortified expression), it was nice to be treated like a kid. It was wonderful to be taken care of, tucked into bed, patted and cuddled and even fed 🙂

I guess being a parent never stops…..and thank you amma and appa for loving me the way you do, despite all my shortcomings, my annoying behaviors and even when I was at my worst, unlovable self. Thank you for the great and wonderful memories and for the music in my life. I loved being a kid!


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