A Blessed Year!

2013 in ONE word – Blessed 🙂

Yes, there were a lot of downs, my health hit rock bottom, I was having a lot of problems doing even the simplest of tasks and was feeling helpless. So what’s blessed about this, you ask? The unconditional love and support from Guru, Vidyuth & Vishruth, my folks and most importantly, my lovely, lovely friends, who are with me through my thin and thick.

I have achieved ALL the goals that I had set for myself in August 2013 and am feeling really good about small victories, not to mention the small(er) satisfaction that one gets out of kicking fibro in its rear 😀 We traveled to our heart’s content and reveled in the simple(r) pleasures of life.

As this year comes to a close in another hour or so, I want to express how thankful and blessed I am for being amidst people who are there for me. I am feeling thankful and blessed for being able to embrace all the experiences, both good and bad. I have become a lot stronger, yes still in pain but taking it with a serving of BIG SMILES and a side of CALM & PEACEFUL heart and mind.

Here’s to being in the present, no matter how the past was and what the future holds for you! Happy New Year!

We should not fret for what is past, nor should we be anxious about the future; men (and women) of discernment deal only with the present moment ~Chanakya


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