What our children teach us!

So there’s this kid that Vidyuth plays with. He has a tendency to tease others and pass hurtful comments. Kids (and parents alike) have tried to work with him and he is fine for the next coupla hours but reverts back to his old self sooner. A couple of days back he had made some insensitive/ rude comments. Vidyuth was very hurt but he told me that he took it in stride as we had just had a how-to-deal-with-bullies conversation. He told me that he just wanted to talk to me about how he was feeling and how he dealt with it.

Anyways, Vidyuth was sick for the last couple of days and had to miss school. On our way back from the doctor, we saw this kid and he seemed visibly concerned that Vidu had missed school and he enquired about his health and did not leave until Vidyuth assured that he is feeling better. I was observing their interactions but was caught off-guard when Vidyuth told me “Amma, I know so-and-so can be mean and hurtful most of the time and yes, I have been hurt but he also has some good qualities. He seemed really worried about my health so I am going to take the good and leave out the bad.”


Thank you Vidyuth, for teaching me to look for the beauty in others, even when they hurt us. Thank you again, for inspiring me to be a better person. I hope that you will continue to teach me. I love u a lot kiddo !

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.” ~ Angela Schwindt



  1. Laks, very touched by Vidu’s statement. I remembered how he comforted u even when he was in ur tummy. Love u Vidu from the bottom of my heart.

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