Ever wonder……

  • Why the hero always blinks slowly, that too with his mouth wide open and falls for the heroine while she is (a) trying to catch butterflies or snowflakes (b) helping children cross the road or (c) dance in the rain….or any such supposedly cute action.
  • When the he hero (with a gun) meets the villain responsible for the death of his family members……what does he do? Instead of shooting the guy, he throws the gun and starts a physical fight.
  • When the cop finally comes face to face with the master thief who has been giving him the slip, why does he not arrest him? Why, instead does he spout some crap like “Give me a challenge before I catch you,”may the best man win…..spouts more BS (and you are thinking WTF just happened, just catch him already so that I can go home).
  • Why does the heroine fall for the hero who is a murderer, womanizer, thug, ruffian…..take your pick, and then justifies that underneath all that bad, he is indeed a do-gooder and a man with a heart of gold. If that is the case, why not fall for the villain instead?
  • Cops are trying hard to capture the fugitive hero and have no idea of where he is, how does the heroine know where he is? More importantly, why do they break into a song/dance routine esp. when they have the cops chasing them?
  • How does the heroine who is pretty much prancing around in skimpy clothes with no clue of anything whatsoever during the dating phase, becomes a totally demure person after the wedding? How then does she know how to strategically (AHEM!AHEM!) tie her saree and cook a feast every meal that can practically serve the neighborhood?
  • Foreign-bred hero automatically knows “the importance of izzat or the concept of honor for an Indian woman, who else but the heroine,” when he is infact a playboy. So what about the other women, some even Indian he is going around with? Is this izzat only there for the heroine?
  • How is it that the same foreign-bred hero/heroine are so fluent in their native tongue and speak that language without an accent? They even write entire journals in their native language. HUH! Maybe I can send my kids to them for lessons.
  • Why the hero is always protected against the elements during a duet but the heroine is either in a super short skirt or a really flimsy saree? Won’t she feel cold?
  • Why do the hero/heroine wait until they are just about to get hitched to realize that they are in love with the one who is not the groom/bride? I am all for love and all that……but guys, weddings are pretty expensive 🙂
  • Why in the world am I wondering about all this – I have been watching a lot and by that I mean a LOT of movies, under the pretext of…..err…..resting 🙂

What are you wondering about?

Ever wonder if instead of talking to your plants, you yelled at them – would they still grow? Only to be troubled and insecure? ~ Unknown


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