A child’s trust

I was going on a walk a couple of days back, had my headphones on and didn’t pay a lot of attention to the surroundings. Suddenly, a hand, a little one, held mine tightly. When I looked to see who it was, there he was, a spiffy, little boy of 5 (who has all the adults wrapped, literally around his lil finger). He then said, “Lasmi aunty 🙂 Everyone is riding their scooter faster than me so can i just hold your hand and be on my scooter while you walk?

his favorite pose 🙂
His favorite mode of transportation – train

He is a shy kid and opens up only to people he feels comfortable with. It felt amazing that he considered me trustworthy enough to walk with him during his playtime. I cannot even begin to describe that feeling when you realize that someone so small can have such an impact on you.

Adults talk of trust as though it is a given but only when you see it through the eyes of a child, you realize that it is as simple and as difficult and has to be earned. But once earned, the world is just as it ought to be 🙂

To get a child’s trust – you may know or not – is a very hard thing to do. They’re so used to not believing adults – because adults tell tales and lies all the time ~ Maurice Sendak


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  1. Reks says:

    lovely post Lux. as much as Yuv refuses to hug and kiss when asked, he really values and loves you. thanks for being there for all of us. it means a lot.

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