Ab Ke Sawan

Today I woke up exhausted, simply ‘cos I had a tiring dream 🙂 They are the recurring ones from 2008, around the time when I was diagnosed with FM where I am lugging heavy bags from Terminal A to Terminal B, only to find out (a) I have missed my flight or (b) I have to go back to Terminal A cos the pilot parked (??!!!) the flight there. What do these dreams mean? Do they mirror my subconscious state or my deepest fears? As always, I digress – while I would like to analyze my dreams, it will be done in another post 🙂

Obviously I was not thrilled cos lack of sleep, waking up tired and the other laundry list of symptoms that went with it signalled the start of another flare-up. But , while driving to work, I was switching from one track to another on my iPod and Ab Ke Sawan  (This Rainy Season) by Subha Mudgal came on. WOW, simply WOW, I felt instantly energised and felt the mood (and the aches and pains) take a turn towards the positive 🙂

I still remember the first time I saw this song on Channel V or MTV, around 1999. I was home from Architecture school for some break. It starts out with a rooster crowing startling a guy in la-la land and Subha doing an alap, only to be complemented by the la-la land guy cleaning his tongue 🙂 and opens into  a scene with the a typical start to your typical day, where we are offered a glimpse into a diverse neighborhood, in every sense –  camels going for grazing, vegetable vendors, kids in their uniforms getting into their school rickshaws, the neighborhood barber, the muslim uncle, the hindu priest done with his morning bath only to have his purity (!!!) spoilt by the guy in the bicycle (and again we see the la-la land guy chasing the poor hen – maybe he was having the good dream, unlike yours truly and the rooster spoilt it   ) I also love the scene where the small Rajasthani boy is dancing to the rain and the pastor cheers him on. A truly diverse neighborhood, this.

And as always, the day comes to an end, with the camels coming back, ducks going back home—–and THEN the awesome keyboard composition fused with Rajasthani folk song takes you by surprise and you are instantly HOOKED 🙂 Typical rock-n-roll with Indian-Classical singing with Subha’s energetic, loud voice, backed up by awesome beats and strums – this song is an amazing one and any music lover is a GONER!

P.S. Watch until the very end, cos the la-la land guy finally catches his dream-spoiling rooster 🙂 It will surely bring a smile on your face.

A song about the rainy season, she also sings about  how the rain makes hearts restless and makes us yearn and thirst for our lover/partner – be it first love, puppy love, flirty love and mature love as well.

पहले प्यार की पहली बरखा कैसे आस जगाये

बारिशे पीने दो मुज्खो मऩ हरा हो जाए

प्यासी धरती, प्यासे अरमान,

प्यासा है आसमान

भीगने दो, हर गली को, भीगने दो जहान ।

What high hopes does the first rain of first love create?

Let me drink in the rain so that my heart can become green

The land is thirsty, my desires are thirsty and so is the sky

Let every nook and corner, let every lane get wet,Let the world get wet!

It has been a decade and then some since this song came out but it still enthralls you, energizes you and makes you light yet restless for When we tire of well-worn ways, we seek for new. This restless craving in the souls of human beings spurs them to climb, and to seek the mountain view. ~ Adapted from Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

Here’s to songs that energizes you, make you restless and spurs you to climb and seek!


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  1. Sivasankari says:

    Hi laks,
    Its interesting to note that what dreams are meant to be.For me it is out of curiosity that i like to know about my dreams say,some dreams are different from each other,some make me think “is it a message for the future” while some dreams make me fear would this happen to me or my family.olden tales or words from ancestors say afternoon dreams will not come true while dreams occuring early morning would come true…if come across any dream analyses book or article pls forward.
    Good luck and strength in your FM path.
    Reply to this ka.

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