1 fuzzzzy sheep, 2 fuzzzzy sheep, 3 fuzzzzy sheep….

Yet another sleepless night/really wee hours in the morn……this despite my meds, i have tried everything from music, to reading a good book, to a warm bath, keeping my eyes shut and honing my counting skills 🙂 all the while feeling like my body is on fire, literally.

I have not had a good night’s sleep in almost 3 months now and even if i do manage to fall asleep, i can’t stay asleep….whoever said counting sheep can lull you into sleep never had trouble fallin’ or stayin’ asleep.

Any tips, pls send them my way.

Dear 1.00 am, We HAVE to stop meeting like this. I’d much rather sleep with you ~ A Fibromyalgiac 🙂



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