There’s a Map for that!

What started out as keeping-kids-occupied activity while they get ready for school has now turned into a full fledged hobby and passion for the boys. Yup, I am talking about Maps and Atlases.

From the time they get ready for school(6.50-7.30am) to the time they step out the door(7.37 am) the boys have around 7 mins free time…..which is more than enough to start a mini WW-III ( and almost immediately i can visualize parents nodding their heads in agreement and thinking to themselves, “Thank God, we are not alone” 🙂 )

To keep them engrossed, Guru started playing a game, that goes along these lines – pick up the Atlas ( kid-friendly ones that we picked up from IKEA and other stores), and asks the boys to pick a continent of the week and then he teaches them the capitals of countries in, say Europe. Since Vishruth was in Kindergarten at that time, Vidyuth used to read out the countries and their capitals to him. This was in 2010.

Fast forward to 2012, the boys have graduated from kid-friendly Atlases to a full fledged World Atlas and maps. Vishruth esp. has learnt so much from Vidyuth and by himself just by looking through the maps. If you drop by our place, you will see him with his Atlas most of the time, be it meal time, in-between meal time, quiet time, driving time, vacation time, before going to bed time.

They constantly quiz us and we are now learning about things we had no idea about. For example, I got to know recently that Saudi Arabia is the only country with no movie halls/cinemas and that the Capital of Slovakia is Bratislava and the correct spelling and pronunciation for Ljubljana (capital of Slovenia)

The students have now become the Teachers!



  1. Avinash will be happy to know that Ljubljana is also know to his cousins V and V! He used to pride himself on the fact that no one in his school knew the capital of Slovenia.

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