Top # things, I will absolutely, positively do again – but who’s counting, really?

-> Travel wherever my legs or my car takes me – just to take in and experience the rich cultures around me.

-> Stay up late to finish that book that i have been wanting to get my hands on, even though i might wake up bleary eyed the next day – just so that I know how it ends:)

-> Compliment generously – it can even be to a stranger, about their dress, hair, smile anything – just to make them smile and who knows, your compliment might have been the best thing that has happened to them on what could have been a bad day in their life.

-> Get a couple of degrees in oh-i-don’t-know, literature, photography, music, any kind of fine arts, just to learn more about things that move you.

-> Put myself through 4 months of grueling, not to mention waking-up-early-when-everyone-else-around-you is in la-la land, to train for a marathon – just to feel awed and inspired by all the wonderful people around me 🙂 , not to mention the sheer adrenaline rush, when I cross the finish line.

-> Put myself out there again and again, no matter how many times i get hurt, betrayed and even taken for granted by people i trust a lot – just to see if i have learned from my past experiences and cos I care and that’s just who I am.

-> Bounce back again, no matter how many times i fall down, get pushed back, and from the mistakes I make – just to be better than the person I was yesterday and the day before.

-> Spend at least a day or 2 existing in absolute peace, quite and silence – just so that I am more aware of my surroundings and more importantly me!

-> Fall in love, again and again with Guru :)  – just to see the twinkle in his eyes

My quirky guy

-> Go through 9 months of nausea, heartburn, all-day sickness, false labor symptoms……not to mention 22 hours of labor with each kid – just to experience true love-at-first-sight and the WOW, did I create this miracle – feeling?

Vidyuth & Vishruth with Mom-me
Vidyuth & Vishruth with Mom-me

-> Be born as a Woman, esp. a mom again while juggling the multiple hats of a friend, daughter, sister, wife, career woman, colleague, wife , not to mention the balancing act of managing carpools, mealtime demands, never-ending household chores, countless classes and homework…..and many drive-me-up-the-wall moments…. – just to see your kids smile at you and give you a tight hug…. :)

A light moment with my boys
A light moment with my boys

-> Just be ME!

and Finally, the numero UNO -wait, i am already done with my Top 10 or is it 12 list. Ah, it’s alright, it will be the top of my list, no matter what:

  • Pick sleep over night-outs, late-night movies, date night, name it……cos that might be the only time in forever when i will get my beauty (ahem-ahem :p ) sleep.

“Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff life is made of.”
― Benjamin Franklin


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Kavitha says:

    Well written Lakshmi. Woman power!! 🙂

  2. dibribac says:

    Lakshmi, you remind me of my mother and our teens and then how we looked at her when we were older. It’s just amazing how you are possibly one of the chirpiest people I’ve ever known and you try to stay upbeat no matter what. Your attitude that at the end of the day none of the things that bring you down matters – it’s you, guru and the kids all the way. Way to go girl!

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