Happy Monday!

Good Morning Folks! I hope you had a good weekend and are all ready to get back to the new week (of course, my friends in the US are still in their Labor Day Weekend)……..can’t believe it is September already and only 4 more months to go before the next year. Time really does fly by.

I am feeling exceptionally happy today and have a spring in my step, literally cos……………………………..I woke up with WOW, there-is-almost-no-pain feeling after such a long time. I had mentioned about my health issues in July in ‘Take Life Lying Down.” When you have been in pain for months at a stretch, when your sleep is totally disturbed, when you wake up with more pain than the pain you went to bed with and being in pain becomes a given, a routine of sorts, waking up with less pain seems like a MIRACLE! Your entire being feels relaxed and the feeling i have is akin to kids going to a new place and exploring everything with a lot of zest. Its like a mini-me is running inside of me, looking everywhere and realizing that the pain is so less…and WHOOPing with joy. I am thankful to the almighty, Guru, my kids, my parents, my family and friends for all their support and prayers. I am also grateful to my PT, Yuvaraj who is relentless in the way he pushes me towards my recovery.

I know there is still a long way to go as far as my recovery is concerned….this is just the first step and if this first step makes me feel so great, I am ready for more. BRING IT ON!


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