Vittu kodukkanum pa – விட்டு கொடுக்கணும் பா

I usually like to watch any movie directed by Mani Rathnam and “Alaipayuthey” was no exception. I really enjoyed the movie for it’s never-before-handled-theme and Mani’s brilliant direction. One of my favorite scenes is where the house owner of place where Shalini-Madhavan live advises Maddy “Vittu kodukkanum pa…”. Though the context in which it is told is meant for a spousal one, I think it’s very true and pertinent in any relationship – between friends, mother-daugher, father-in-law-son, brother-sister and on and on….After all what is life without a little give and take (note that give comes before take :-)). Simply following this golden advice would solve or at least ease the impact of most issues in any relationship.

But are things really that simple?


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