Take Life Lying Down

The last couple of weeks, months actually have been crazy……too many ups and downs in my health. In fact, I can’t remember one single moment in the last 3-4 weeks where I have been without pain or some kind of complaint. And every time I try to get into a fitness routine only for it to be broken by some kind of pain. There are no in-betweens…it’s either 1) do really well, keep up with everything, walk regularly or 2)feel miserable, drag your feet from one chore to another and maybe squeeze in some kind of a walk around your block. Now to add to the misery of my old injuries,I have also been diagnosed with disk bulges in multiple disks in my spinal cord and a soft slip disc, i.ie the leakage of spinal disc-fluid. The pain is really bad, radiating down my legs due to the fluid irritating my nerves. The doctor feels its because i have been pushing myself w/o a rest in-between is why most of my disks are degenerating. So he has asked me to cut down on my activities, take more breaks than usual, lie down regularly and take it a bit easy.

Doin nothin or doing less than what you are used to is very difficult but the constant pain and the scan results was a much needed WAKE-UP call for me. I have slowed down considerably and actually managed to spend a couple of hours lying down. Even if i didn’t want to lie down, the meds made sure I took a break. It was like my back actually thanked me for allowing it to rest:) But then like anything, there are good days and bad days…today is one of those bleh days and i am feeling extremely exhausted and sick of feeling sick.

To good health!



  1. […] have been living with this since 2008 and was also recently diagnosed with slip disk a.k.a disk degeneration and it has been sheer hell to live in constant pain, but for one day, […]

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