Father Figure

No this post is not about Geogre Michael’s “Father Figure” but about my father figure, a person who is very special to me – my FIL, Mr. Chandrasekaran Subramanyam Kailasam  or KSC.

Yesterday was Sankatahara (or Sankashti) Chathurthi (Sankata – Obstacles, Hara – Remove, Chathurthi– 4th day of any lunar month) and I was observing that fast. I typically break my fast after seeing the moon and like with every Sankatakara Chathurthi, moonrise time is either late or is not visible even after an hour or two has elapsed after the said moonrise time. The amazing part about fasting is that you actually don’t feel hungry (maybe a little tired) but your mind is so calm and focused, the feeling is just phenomenal. As always, I am digressing. My FIL always makes sure that i have had my morning (or evening) coffee/breakfast/lunch/dinner and like any other day, he was asking me about it. I explained to him that i was fasting and the reasons behind my fast. He was kinda concerned about the moonrise time (around 9.30 pm) but at my insistence that I am perfectly fine, he appeared slightly appeasedAfter I put the kids to bed and finished my chores, I was browsing while waiting to break my fast and suddenly my FIL rushed out of his room and checked the moonrise timings in the newspaper only to find that it was 2 hrs ahead of the time I had told him (7.39pm instead of 9.30-ish pm). He was almost in tears and blamed himself for forgetting to check the newspaper, which in turn delayed my dinnertime. Even after many repeated assurances, he was not satisfied and sat with me (it was way past his bedtime) to make sure that I had a good dinner. I was thoroughly moved by his actions and I realized that I got an opportunity to observe the “GOD” within us.

‘LOVE is seeing God in the person next to us, and meditation is seeing God within us.’ ~ Sri Sri Ravishankar

It’s not only this time, since the time I got married, my FIL has always been my friend. Ever since i came into this family, he opened not only his home but his heart as well and loved me as his own. I had been through some really tough and shitty times and he was one of my pillars of support then. I used to get up really early in the morning (after I had my first child) to prepare lunch before leaving for my internships and he always used to get up with me so that I am not alone in the kitchen when Guru is giving Vidyuth his bottle. He prepared bottles for my kids when I was changing their diaper before feeding time, set the towels up when I used to bathe the babies, get a knife and tray and assist me when I am cutting veggies, sterilize the bottles and more than anything, take care of Vidyuth and Vishruth esp. when I am having food. It might be small things but these small things made a HUGE difference. He is a man of few (actually very few) words but I am and I always will be grateful for the affection and the love he showered me. It’s one thing for your DAD to be your pillar of support but it’s an entirely different thing for your DAD-IN-LAW to be the same. I always address him as “Appa” not because it was my duty but because I feel his genuine concern and affection for me and i hope he feels my love and affection for him as well.

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Remember in the movie “Hum Aapke Hain Koun,” Renuka Sahane says that for a SIL, her devar(her BIL or husband’s brother, Salman Khan) is her best friend…..for me it’s my FIL I am thankful everyday that God sent me another dad who’s special in every way like my own.


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  1. guru says:

    well written, straight from the heart…loved reading it, esp considering that this is about my dad 🙂

  2. Janani says:

    Very nice one… It does not happen to everyone 🙂

  3. Siva says:

    firstly i’m feeling really blessed to come across this article today which indeed conveys a lot about everything life,relation,love,affection.it kindled my emotions too.You are so nice and greatful for taking efforts to publish this first while so many of them dont even realize how blessed they are!Be Proud that you are such a wonderful person.Good luck and best wishes to you At all times.I miss my parents a lot.Life in USA!!!

  4. Nandini says:

    Good one Lakshmi. Loved the pics too

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