This too shall pass!

Happened to read an interview from Ajith on….where he is asked about his reaction to the commercial success of his movies. His response (portions of it):

There is a very good saying, ‘this too shall pass’. Those who are going through bad times can think this too shall pass. And those who are going through good times also should remember that this too shall pass. This will keep you sane and grounded.

How true! I have always used this phrase whenever i am going through exceptionally tough times but what Ajith said is a real eye-opener……..Enjoy, cherish, savor and remember the good times…cos they will get you through bad times!



  1. […] Doin nothin or doing less than what you are used to is very difficult but the constant pain and the scan results was a much needed WAKE-UP call for me. I have slowed down considerably and actually managed to spend a couple of hours lying down. Even if i didn’t want to lie down, the meds made sure I took a break. It was like my back actually thanked me for allowing it to rest:) I took this time to start reading “Sai Satcharitra,” the life and teachings of Shirdi Sai Baba. Going through this book has reinforced the belief in me that God has given me the strength to bear this pain and much more and emerge stronger(and hopefully wiser) than before. But then like anything, there are good days and bad days…today is one of those bleh days and i am feeling extremely exhausted and sick of feeling sick. To add to the misery, Guru is also out of town, so am reveling in the good moments, the simple pleasures in the hope that “This too shall pass“ […]

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