Why this kolaveri?

We were coming back from an early dinner last night and as is the case in Bangalore, traffic was horrible…..but people were trying to get around this and reach home safe. We were almost near our place when all of a sudden we saw an irate driver (lets call him A) get out from his car. He then pulled the driver(B) another car and started thrashing him. Driver A’s wife was holding her kid and was pleading with him to stop. Passerby and other fellow pedestrians also tried to stop this guy but he did not want to and kept going after driver B. From what I observed, I guess driver B was trying to get driver A to pull out faster from his makeshift parking spot( or whatever you could call it). Mind you these guys were not uneducated guys or cab drivers, they both(and the wives/kids) were well dressed and can be any of us.

All of us were actually very disturbed by watching this unfold before us…..imagine the guy who was getting hit……why this much anger where you can’t control your anger and it turns into physical violence…if someone can act like this in public, imagine how they will act in private? But we aren’t talking about individual behavior now,are we are talking about something that has reared it’s ugly head once again and is threatening to consume all of us….yes I am talking about ROAD RAGE!

Ranging from rude gestures to verbal insults, road rage is at its worst when it manifests as physical violence…..so many accidents, so many lives lost. In fact, Bangalore was rated as the city with worst motorist behavior. If you observe these motorists closely( at least some of them), you would find that they are usually good natured individuals so what triggers this rage in them?

Yes, proper infrastructure or the lack of it, plain apathy,lack of ethics, total corruption in part from public authorities and politicians play a major role in this behavior. Day in and out, all of us literally hold our breath and pray that nothing untoward happens in our commute…I am one of them. We just need one shower and the roads become a killing machine complete with their potholes, water stagnation….add BWSSB and BBMP choosing that exact particular time to dig up the already spoilt roads…..it is a motorist nightmare straight from hell.

But as individuals, don’t we all have a role in making sure that our fellow motorist and pedestrian is also safe? Yes all of us have calls to take, all- important meetings to attend but we use that hurry to reach somewhere on time as an excuse to forget any and every rational, safe and logical behavior. Like I always tell Guru, it is okay to be known as a latecomer to a destination rather than being “Late Mr./Ms. X.” i hear what you are thinking – what is the point if i am the only one following the rules, practicing safe driving behavior…I look like a fool and I get jeered at anyways? But realize this, if there are 10 of us today, it will become 50 tomorrow,100 next week and soon all of us will be extending this common courtesy to our fellow citizens…..Every small bit helps and like the Tamil saying, சிறு துளி பெறு வெள்ளம் (little drops make a mighty ocean)

Let’s BE the change that we want to see!



  1. Very sad Lakshmi. Can you imagine our husbands or fathers being put through this? Did the public not do anything? How can we let such a thing happen without standing up? One could have called the cops but they tend to side with those with money. Very sad indeed. I completely agree with the last paragraph about setting an example. As Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in this world.”

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