To New Beginnings!!

Every birthday brings with it some changes, some positive, some negative, some surprises, something to look forward to………and I am not referring to the day itself or the AGE:)) I am referring to the year between the birthdays. The last year saw a lot of changes in my career, a shift of sorts – I quit my FT job as an urban planner to spend more time with the boys. I took up freelance writing and started working as a writer, learnt new things and even got the opportunity to launch a job board and a new crowdsourcing platform.

I am stepping into the 35th year of my journey and this year i am starting something new tomorrow, a new job that is in a completely different field, a birthday gift of sorts…….what started out as something that was a necessary part of my role as an urban planner is now going to define my new role…….I am excited and of course a bit nervous for all the obvious reasons 🙂

Here’s to a New Year and to New Beginnings!!!!



  1. All the very best for your career growth. New line….new work place…new challenge! Keep going.
    Appa amma

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