Pretty Woman

During my trip to the US last week, I had a late night arattai session with my friend Girija. She is a dear friend, someone who I really miss after moving back to India. We got to talking about career choices etc as her son will be off to college in the next 3 yrs or so….(on an off note made me realize that time really does FLY and soon my boys will also be off!!!).


Anyhow, we started talking about the changes we(and our friends) have undergone both personally and professionally. We realized that thousands of mom’s out there including us have either (a) chose to stay back home, or (b) work out of home in a field completely unrelated to what you were trained for or (c) pick something in a related field but at a level not matching your experience level cos it allows you to be back home at a sane time to spend time with the kids ( my ex-manager for example has chosen to work at entry level to spend more time with her boys after they get back from school) or (d) volunteer at your kids school or __________…….or a combination of any of the choices above( the list is endless).

Doesn’t matter which part of the world we are in, be it India or US or Anyplace,World, women have always made drastic/roundabout changes to their professional lifestyles to make it easier on the kids and family. This made me wonder, maybe this should be part of our curriculum/ career counseling – Lifestyle changes to be expected once a woman becomes a mother……cos

at the precise moment a child enters this world, a woman ceases to exist and a MOTHER takes her place……

In fact even when I was getting ready for my US trip, everyone was concerned about how Guru will be able to take care of the kids, run the household etc for 10 days whereas all I heard when Guru was out of town for 2.5 weeks was “am I scared of being alone with the kids?” I don’t want to brag but I really am proud of being a woman, that too one who is loved and cherished by her husband, her kids, her family and friends.

This post is my mental salute to all the women out there who are amazing and pretty just the way they are……you are a friend, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a grandmother……..Happy Women’s Day!!!



  1. Lakshmi,
    Awesome post, missed you when you were here though. 😦
    give me a buzz when you are around next time. !

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