Remembering an old and dearest friend……….Hemalatha!!!

Not sure why, for the last couple of days I have been thinking a lot about my school years specifically about my dear friend Hemalatha, who lost her battle to leukemia when she was just 14, when she was just beginning to live her life, 18 yrs ago.

For those of us who remember her, she was a vibrant girl who was full of life and enthusiasm, even though a bit shy about most things. We had a lot of things in common, be it being only daughters with one brother or being the tallest (I was the 2nd tallest in class, she was 1st) or being perpetual backbenchers (‘cos we were tall, of course) or being able to memorize movie songs in a jiffy or having long hair or in our liking of boys @ school:)) and even falling sick at the same time……………the only difference being I came out of my sickness pretty fast whereas she fought the crazy cancer with full vigor, bounced back and was in remission only to lose  as fast as she had won. I have had a lot of friends since then and am lucky enough to be still in touch with my old school friends for the last 18 yrs or so but every time I see someone tall or kids in a group from school, my mind automatically goes back to Hema. Never have I had a single conversation with my SCIMA friends w/o thinking about her….

In fact, I recently got back in touch with some old friends and the whole time I was thinking how we all have settled down with families, living our lives while someone so kind and so full of joy was snatched away so early. I just wished that we had the means and modern tools we have today so that I could have captured and froze in time, those precious moments…… it crooning to ‘April May-ile’ from Idhayam or sharing our lunches or squabbling over really silly things or trying to drill those complicated physics lessons into our minds…………she was truly a joy to be with and I just wish we had a cure for cancer inspite of all the research that is going on… of the reasons I associated myself with LLS (The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society) and walked 26.2 miles (42.2kms) in your honor and in the hope that lives as precious as yours are not snatched away early!!!

HEMA I TRULY MISS YOU and will cherish you forever in my heart, my mind and my memories. LOVE U and MISS YOU A LOT DEAR!!!


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