Inspiring Teach(ing)ers!!! – 2

Sometime in March of this year, I had written about my teachers who were in a way responsible for the way I am now (all good, I hope)and hoped to meet with them soon……..and YES, after many attempts and phone conversations, I was able to get in touch with them and meet them in person. And what a reunion it was after 18+ years!!!

The feeling one gets after meeting someone who has inspired/guided them is totally a mixture of happiness combined with non-stop smiles and tears. And for me it was also a moment filled with awe, reverence and ultimate respect. And GUESS WHAT!!! all of us remember our teachers but to have them remember you and also recollect memories of you was truly an humbling experience in all.

I was like a child that had found a treasure and could not stop smiling and talking non stop throughout about old lessons and moments (funny, happy and sad) that we shared. I think I surprised Premkumari mam by mentioning about “Hard and Fast Rules,” a lesson I learned in Grade 8. I had long forgotten who the author of that story is but I sure remembered the teacher who taught about it She then told me that it was A.G.Gardiner and the story is called “All about a Dog”. Same with Homer’s “Illiad and Odyssey” that Nandini mam taught us in such detail, I still remember the story where Ulysses had himself tied to the ship’s post and his crew’s ears filled with wax so that they do not fall prey to the siren’s call and reach their port safely.

Same about Fleming’s left hand rule in physics. Don’t ask me to state the rule, I haven’t a clue, but I remember Tamilmani mam trying to grill it in our heads. And my lovely Jeyakumari Aasiriyai who taught tamil so well that I fell in love with the language and still am smitten by it. When we were in grade 10, we had a poem from Thevaram about Lord Shiva (a.k.a செய்யுள் in தமிழ்) called குனித்த புருவமும். For all IR and Rajini fans, we will remember this song as the one with Shobana taking a lamp inside the temple /(watch from 4:53 to 5:51)

Poor Jeyakumari aasiriyai, she came into class all prepared for teaching us and SURPRISE……the entire class sang the song to her…..hehe. She was beyond words and actually said that maybe if she had IR compose tunes for all these செய்யுள் ‘s, we might be able to remember it better.

I would like to end this post with a Thirukkural (திருக்குறள் ) that is fitting for these wonderful people.

குறள்399: தாமின் புறுவது உலகின் புறக் கண்டு காமுறுவர் கற்றறிந் தார் Literally translated it means, “The learned foster learning more On seeing the world enjoy their lore”

But my understanding of this kural is The learned teacher(s) makes you enjoy their  learning and on leaving, makes you to keep thinking of their teaching(s).

I am really thankful for such wonderful teachers who taught us so much about friendship, values, trust, love, sincerity and many more things. This post and the previous one is my form of “Guru Dakshinai.” Thank you my wonderful and lovely teachers!!!



  1. HI

    Great about this post. I am alumini of this school 1993 batch.

    Could pls tell there numbers r other details so that I can also meet them.

    Looking for your reply.

    • Hi @kisberfelver, I left this school in 1990 when we shifted residence. I studied here from 4th std and 9th std. I could have been your classmate as I too finished schooling in 1993! Sadly, lost touch with all my class mates after shifting residence. Can you tell me if you still remember the students who studied with you, so I can check if you can recollect me?

  2. Really happy to see the faces of my teachers here! Thanks for the effort!
    Any idea what happened to Vembu asiriyai and Kasthuri asiriyai? I enjoyed the Tamil classes by these two teachers, in addition to Jeyakumar asiriyai. Especially the thirukkural explanations by ‘pulavar’ Vembu asiriyai were stimulating!

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