Mirror, mirror on the wall – Who in the land is fairest of all?

Ok, so I ended up getting sunburnt on the way back from Munnar ‘cos I am too lazy to use sunscreen:)) Anyways, I go to the store to pick up something with SPF protection and got back home. After applying the cream, I found myself looking white(@#*#!!!) and then saw that the sunscreen I picked up will make me fairer. I then went back to the store to find a sunscreen that does just that and NOPE, NADA, ZILCH, I couldn’t find a single product w/o the fairness whattchamaacallit.

Any channel you surf, you will be bombarded with ads on products that make you fairer ……..fairness creams/lotions/powders/face wash/soaps…….name it, you have it.  Only after using this amazing product, you can go places, get a job, get promoted, get noticed, get a girl/boyfriend, get married and even conceive a child and deliver painlessly(Now IF ONLY I had used the said product when I was expecting Vidyuth/Vishruth!!!).

Any guesses on how these people look??? Yes, they look like they had just stepped out

of a vampire movie/ fresh with what you call the “கோல  மாவு” look (like you had applied flour on your face)….earlier these ads were only targeted at women, now the same products are available for men too!!! Now to top it all, there is a fairness cream for, GET THIS, for fairer private parts………are these people kidding?


Case in point, just take a look at this ad poster and videos:

Is this even possible, why is beauty and worse, success being equated with the color of one’s skin…..In many parts of the world, the natural Indian color is considered gorgeous, take  Nandita Das/Chitraganda Singh/Freida Pinto or our own SUPERSTAR RAJNIKANTH. The interesting point here is while Asians strive to look like Caucasians, Caucasians spends days at the beach trying to get that “perfect tan.” Ironic, isn’t it?

Day in and out, people are being fed with the message that being fair is the only way a person can look beautiful and a lot of people (I use the word ‘people’ cos both the sexes are an equal victim of this dark skin is ugly campaign)………In the supposed age of technology growth and modern thoughts, these kind of ads actually makes us look like “colour crazy morons” and in some cases borderline insane…….Its like going into the store and picking up a bottle of bleach and applying it all over your face, all in the name of beauty to attain light skin, when actually all you are doing is poisoning yourself slowly. And see if you can try to find the key ingredients in these products…..if you are lucky you will be able to find some of them on the outer cover but most companies do not disclose these contents under the guise of protecting their trade secrets.

Most of these creams and lotions primarily contain hydroquinone or mercury; both harmful chemicals, as their main ingredients.  Prolonged application of these creams/lotions will actually cause more damage to the skin.

So if these products are so harmful, why are they in the market in the first place?  Why are we obsessed with the fairer color? It all boils down to  “WHAT IS CONSIDERED BEAUTIFUL? and ‘INSECURITY BASED ON SOCEITY’s PERCEPTIONS”  No matter what the reason one gives, it is  highly dangerous to put oneself through dangerous chemical mixtures all in the hopes of getting “lighter” and becoming beautiful. True beauty comes from within, and  people can only see that which you radiate from the inside. Ultimately, we must learn to appreciate what we have.

As the Dove tagline says, learn to LOVE the SKIN we’re IN. Learn to celebrate real inner beauty and beauty at every age……I think this video says it all!!!


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