17 Again!!!

I was watching a rerun of “17 Again”, a Zac Efron/Matthew Perry starrer on tv over the weekend. This movie is about second chances where the protagonist, a promising high school basketball star, wannabe college-ball player, with a gorgeous girlfriend feels that life did not turn out the way he expected it to be due to some decisions he had to make at that point in time.

Instead he finds himself stuck at a deadbeat job, separated from his wife & kids and living with his nerdy yet rich friend. There’s not a single moment he wishes he could go back to high school and change it. He wakes up one day and is seventeen again and gets the chance to rewrite his life. But over the course of his journey he realizes that the very decisions he despised were the best ones he made………..and they all lived happily ever after……isn’t that how all movies end…hehe

Anyways, short of providing a detailed movie review, I wondered what I would do if I woke up suddenly and found myself in my 17s, what will I do differently and most importantly do I even want to be 17 Again?

I know a lot of us go through similar emotions where we analyze, overanalyze and sometimes beat the issue to death (your’s truly guilty as charged) mostly because we are so scared/worried about making the wrong decision/taking the wrong path/path less travelled, whatever the reason might be. Sometimes, we get into this vicious What-IF cycle…..What-IF this happens or that happens, how things would have changed if I had done some things differently, how I would have been if I took another route instead of the one that I am taking. Sometimes we go to the extent of thinking and talking about ‘What-IF’s’ in a way that we start living them instead of perceiving them as mere thoughts. And even if I am 17 Again, what is the guarantee that the decisions I make/remake will be THE ones, RIGHT?

I ended up thinking about this one night mostly because I could not sleep and then it hit me like a lightning bolt that I have actually had and still having my 17 Again experience…….without going a lot into details, I had my brush with death in January 2008 and it was even worse for Guru as he had to deal with the mundane details while I was lying unconscious, unaware of what was happening around me…….Cut back to 2011, I am reasonably healthy and active, physically and mentally……whenever i see myself going in the vicious “What-IF/Coulda/Shoulda/Woulda cycle,” I consciously take a moment to remember about my 2nd chance…….just that it has a new name now…….17 Again!!!

Maybe that’s why I keep doing a regular checks and balances to make sure that my priorities are not seriously screwed up and maybe that’s why I try to give more than I take ‘cos I know each day that I have today is cos of that that power that has granted me a second chance to be with the people I love and the people who love me.

Time and again I realize that I don’t need to be 17 Again or go back in time to redo my decisions/ change my course, all I need is to take each day as a fresh new start. With a fresh new start everyday I can try and correct your mistakes, each new day is a chance for me to be a better person than I already am, each day is a chance for me to make people around me special and loved.

No matter what I think I could have become, it is only a thought that makes me lose my perspective and hide my present from me.

Ultimately it does not matter if I had a lot of money, a gr8 career or a Phd or an Ipad/phone…. whatever it is that I don’t have right now,at the end of the day I have that one person to love me and hug me and tell me that “Everything will be alright, no matter what and I am there with you always” 

In the heart of my hearts I know that I have everything and am assured that at least one of my decisions have turned out right!!! That’s all that matters!!!


The expected is just the beginning. The unexpected is what changes our lives.” – Meredith Grey (Grey’s Anatomy)



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