A post for the sake of it

As it happens with most of us, I always find that a couple of days/weeks even months pass by from one post to another. Mostly this is because, I am still unsure whether I use my blog as a sounding board for all random quips, rants and/or everyday happenings or do I use it only when I feel like conveying an opinion, a message, however insignificant it might be. There are times when I even feel that my post is incomplete if I don’t end it with a logical conclusion/adhere to certain “rules,” whatever they may be….. similar to what we used to do in school as part of our essays – an introduction outlining the purpose of the post, the body of the post and the conclusion with an ending statement. Maybe it is time I step out of all these “maybe’s” and stop thinking about my blog’s purpose. That it is just another blog out there in the WWW of the blogging world and does not need to have a purpose or follow any rules should be purpose enough for me:))


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