Inspiring Teach(ing)ers!!! – 1

Now that the school year is almost done, the kids are made to sit with their books for at least 20-30 minutes most days. Sitting with them for 20-30 minutes, trying very hard not to lose patience at their antics, I always wonder how day after day, teachers handle kids of all sizes and ages in what looks like a jungle 🙂

This led me to remember my teachers, esp. Harriet Mam, Premakumari Mam and Jayakumari Aasiriyai from SCIMA (Sri Chakravarthy International Matriculation Academy) on GST Road @ St.Thomas Mount, then Madras. If I am what I am today, all the seeds were sown by these three gr8 teachers.
They were so passionate about their teaching and strived to lead us through the correct path, however difficult it might have been. I still remember Jayakumari aasiriyai pleading with me to improve my handwriting ‘cos of which I was losing out on a couple of marks in Tamil. Same with Premakumari mam for English. These two teachers taught the language so well that I still am and will be a lover of languages. If I still remember and love my திருக்குறள் ( well, some of it:)) and my classics in English and Tamil Literature, its only because of these two.

Harriet Mam was my class teacher and while she did not warm up to us (US – Yours truly, Ragavendran, Krishna, Krishnaveni, Lavakumar, Kulasekaran, Madhanagopal and Hemalatha), initially, she became really close to our group and slyly encouraged our antics.

While people don’t think twice or turn heads often today when they see a group of boys with girls, it was quite enough to bring out the whispers and turning of heads. But never once did these teachers look at us in the wrong way. Instead, they encouraged us and our friendships and firmly planted in place our beliefs and values.

I have seen and studied under different teachers over the course of my 33 years but these three will always have a special place in my heart………when I think of teachers, its these three great gurus that come to my mind. I do hope to get in touch with them soon………

And Yes, I did finally manage to meet them………..Read on



  1. Hey lux…gr8 post and its gr8 to note that u paid homage to the unsung gurus.they sure deserve our respect,admiration, mind space and recognition. I can totally agree when u say some teachers are there only for the heck of a job while the others live to every alphabet of the word means.

    • Thanks Rats!!! I have been meaning to post this one for such a long time but finally got it done:) I owe it to these 3 for the person that I am today!!!

  2. I did not notice until now that you wrote a whole post on this topic. I knew you posted the pics for Jayakumari Asiriyai. Anyways, one more “personal lesson” I recall from Premkumari is that if we shouldn’t pursue fame and glory. Instead if we try and become successful and virtuous, all fame and glory will come towards you (I don’t remember in what specific words she said this, but this is how I now recall/ interpret it). How true!

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