Homage to parents

A tribute of sorts to all the great parents of this world, including mine!!!

I don’t know if I say this enough but being a parent is one of the most rewarding yet one of the toughest jobs (I use the word job due to lack of a better word) a person can have. Day in, day out, moms & dads all over the world deal with their oh-so-smart & sweet-in-an-angelic-yet-manipulative kids and pick their battles, be it allowing them to watch TV or spend enormous amounts of money on a jazzed up top called bey-blade(like I did last week), play umpire to countless fights and showering them with unconditional love and quality attention while maintaining their(and our) sanity all the while.

Every time I find myself overwhelmed or feel like I am drowning under water due to the above-said and many more joyful reasons not mentioned above, I stop for a moment to think about my parents and so many others who made it all look so easy and a walk in the park!!! This is an ode of sorts to all the unsung heros and heroines of our life whose love, support, encouragement, and constructive criticism have brought us this far!!!

Dear Mom & Dad and all the wonderful parents out there, this one is for you,

For all your hard work, day in and out so that we can get all the comforts in the world
For being an epitome of love and care to your children
For always being there when no one was there
For teaching me hardwork, sincerity, principled living, integrity and much more…..
For the strength, energy and enthusiasm with which you are able to manage stress and day to day activities
For making our house a home and for wholeheartedly loving me even when I was at fault
For all your special words of encouragement when I was going through hard times

For believing in me and my success when no one else did
For putting up with me during my difficult teen years (hehe)
For being proud of me always and for expressing it to me through your actions and words (in this case, actions and words mean a lot to me)

For praying for and with me when I am struggling against rough tides!!!
This list goes on and on and on…………..
I want to thank you for your unending love, selflessness that you poured on me, giving me the strength to stand tall with my head held high against all odds

Thank you amma & appa!!!! I love you both a lot and am proud of being Kalavathi & Rajagopalan’s daughter.

திருவள்ளுவர்(Thiruvalluvar) in திருக்குறள்(Thirukkural) says,

“மகன்(ள்) தந்தைக்கு(தாய்க்கு) ஆற்றும் உதவி இவன்(ள்) தந்தை
என் நோற்றான்கொல் எனும் சொல்”
Meaning: The duty of the son ( children ) to father ( parents ) is to make others to wonder
” What penance the father ( parents ) had done to beget them”

If I am able to be half the parent you were when you raised me, I would consider myself a good parent and will consider to have been a good daughter and child to you!!!

God bless all the parents in this world!!!


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