Migrating from blogger!!!

It so happened that blogger.com messed up my a/c settings by linking it to my gmail a/c instead of my yahoo a/c. So I have officially migrated to wordpress.com after holding off for so long. Now that my move to India has finally happened and we have settled somewhat(!!!!), I hope to post my random and not-so random thots regularly, whatever that means………and ofcourse move my old posts from Blogger to wordpress


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Rathi says:

    Hey Lux ……welcome to WP…Looking forward to your posts..

    1. Luxguru says:

      Thanks Rats!!! Will post one soon:)

  2. Shoba says:

    Hi laks,

    Welcome to wordpress….I love it! Shall wait for your not so random posts…All the best for creating more wonderful memories wherever you are!!!


    1. LGV says:

      Thanks Shobs!!!

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