Lion(s) share!

My little one Vishruth is a perfect Leo (born in end July). Not to mention that he turned 2 recently and can’t speak fully coherent sentences, he now literally roars to get his way. The kids usually eat their breakfast(bread) on our way to work/school/day care. Recently one morning when we were driving to his day care, he was eating his bread (pre-cut into bite size pieces by L) as usual. Since I was very hungry and couldn’t reach my lunch bag, I asked him for a small piece and here is how it all went

Me: Paapukku (that’s how he calls me) oru kutti slice thaaa
Vish: nooo….(expected first reaction)
Me: Please kutti…paappukku romba pasikudhu da please
Vish: nooooooooooooooo…..(high pitched shriek)

Sensing that talking to him was not going to work, I tried to reach for his bread box at which point his leo-like instincts kicked in. There were at least 4-5 slices remaining and when he sensed that I was going to help myself to a slice, he quickly stuffed all of the slices into small mouth and gave me a look that can’t be described in words……He was able to munch in the bread without actually spitting out any

P.S: However today he offered me slice after slice even though I wasn’t interested. I guess you can never understand kids and their moods…..

🙂 🙂

~ Guru


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