Sushi – Not for vegetarians

I’m usually pretty flexible and adventurous when we eat out. I’m open to trying any cuisine as long as there are veggie options or things that can be vegetarianized like tofu instead of meat….well you get the drift…..I have tried a wide variety of cuisines ranging from Chinese, Thai, Italian, Mexican, Vietnamese and even Ethiopian

However I was always nervous about trying Japanese cuisine aka Sushi. However one of our lunch meetings at work got scheduled at a Sushi bar. Though I could have easily opted out of this meeting, I didn’t want to wimp out and decided to finally give it a try. I ordered some tempura (aka bajji in Chennai), salad and cucumber/sticky rice Sushi. The tempura was good, the salad (read lettuce) was just about what you would expect from it. The cucumber/sticky rice sushi was yucky and tasted really weird. I’m not sure if it was the preparation itself or if it was due to the sauce that came with it. I just couldn’t eat at all. period…after we finished lunch, I grabbed a quick bite from a Subway to actually eat my lunch 🙂

Sushi…bye bye forever


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