ILP 10K Run – Race for Literacy

Participated in this 10K run to support a worthy cause and to get back in good shape that I was in late 2006 after completing my first marathon

Since I hadn’t run at all after the marathon (26.2 miles), this 10K (6.25 miles) run proved to be quite challenging. The first 4 miles was ok. But the last 2.25 miles was a bit tough and decided to a combination of walk/run. I completed the run in about 81 minutes and then ran straight to the “Dosa Hut” booth serving hot brunch of upma, pongal, idli etc and relished it

L also had made some omelette for me to eat after I got back home, which I ended up eating only for dinner

I was extremely sore in my legs for 2 days after this run. The pain was really bad. After this run, I have decided to do some running regularly so that I can be in shape and participate in events like this at short notice

I’m also thinking about participating in a half-marathon (13.1 miles) sometime later this year…


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