Temper tantrums….or WWE

Vishruth, our little one, is really hot-headed for his young age of 21 months. Most notable incident among his recent outbursts was the one that happened yesterday after we came, running, from the park. Since the weather was very good yesterday (ah..finally), L and I took the kids to the park. Vidyuth and Vishruth had all the fun that they could playing in the slide, swing, mud etc. When it was time to leave, Vishruth, started crying and I just grabbed him and sprinted towards home which, thankfully, is right opposite the park. Running 500m with a crying 31lb toddler was not what I had planned as a relaxation last evening.

Once we reached home, to my utter shock and disbelief, Vishruth jumped up and landed on his rear, much like what we are used to seeing (or avoiding) in WWE-type fights. He did this at least 4-5 times to vent out his anger/frustration that we didn’t let him stay in the park for as long as he wanted to. I have not watched WWE all my life and I’m quite certain that I have ensured that my kids haven’t either, at least so far. I’m really clueless as to where he picked up this action/anger from. After a few mins of ignoring him (and I’m sure his rear hurt by now), he finally stopped and transformed into an angel that he usually is


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