Tearful farewell to my friend Balaji

One of my close friends from college, CD Balaji Sankar – fondly called “CaDaBS” passed into the ages today at 12:55pm (IST). He had been battling, very bravely, the second attack of brain tumor for the past 6 months. The doctors who were attending to him gave up all possible hope and all of us were only praying for a miracle. He successfully fought the same battle for the first time 4.5 years ago. He is survived by his elderly parents, his wife and his 2 young girls. I really hope and pray that God gives his family all the strength and courage during this tough time

He was one of my closest friends in college. He was a quiet, kind-hearted, simpleton from Dindigul (a city in southern Tamil Nadu). Though he had no previous exposure to computers before coming to Pilani, he never gave up during all those challenging programming assignments. He worked really hard and came out with flying colors and got a job thru campus interview with TCS with whom he worked until he breathed his last

CaDaBS…you will be missed!!


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