First cut – It’s over


1) we missed the window of opportunity to cut Vishruth’s hair at our kuladeivam during our last trip to India
2) we are not going to India this summer
3) Vishruth’s hair (who is 20 months old) has grown so much
4) hot summer season in california is fast approaching

we decided to cut his hair here at our local vietnamese saloon. prior to that, i did cut a thin strip of hair (and ensured that i didn’t even miss a single strand) and saved it in a ziploc bag to offer to our kuladeivam during our next India trip

since it was his first tryst with someone wielding a pair of scissors near his head, he didn’t take it well and of course cried out loud. he calmed down after the first few mins as soon as he realized that it acutally didn’t hurt

Anyways, after 15 minutes at the saloon, we got to see our “son” who has been looking like a “daughter” up until now….the long due haircut is finally over


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