Wine country day trip

We visited the world famous Napa valley this weekend. Equipped with snacks bought from the Indian grocery store and with the Puliyodharai, thayir saadham prepared by L’s mom, we left in the morning around 9.00AM

Our first stop was the Sterling Vineyards. They have a short/scenic tram/cablecar ride from their parking lot to their winery, which is actually up in the hills. Vidyuth and Vishruth enjoyed this a lot. Once we got off, we took the self paced/guided tour of their winery. We also got to taste 6 different wines and each one of them was excellenet

After we got done here, we headed to Casa Neustra, which is along the scenic Silverado trail. We grabbed one of their picnic benches and had our home cooked lunch. They also had a petting zoo with their Llamas and the kids had fun watching/feeding them

We make a quick stop at a local grocery store to pick up some cheese for L who missed out on all the wine tasting part since she doesn’t drink alcohol

From there we headed to Rutherford Grove to taste their wine. I had some free tasting discount coupons printed ahead of time and so we enjoyed some really good post-lunch wine for free. May be there is no free lunch, but there certainly is free wine after lunch..hehe

At this point it started raining, as per the forecast for that day. Thankfully the rain waited until we completed all our planned activities. We then drove back to Fremont (via Sonoma, Golden Gate Bridge). The detour was to mainly cater to L’s dad desire to see Golden Gate Bridge. Overall we had a great time on this fun packed day trip


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