Lake Tahoe/Reno – Half century

We went to Lake Tahoe/Reno for the weekend. We, along with L’s parents, left on Friday evening and halted overnite in Sacramento. We spent the nite there eating some really awesome idlies (with and w/o milakaipodi) and curd rice with tomato thokku, which L’s mom had prepared for the trip. We got up early on Saturday morning and headed out to the Soda Springs resort.

The weather was awesome and wasn’t very cold at all. We picked up some breakfast (read hashbrowns) from McD’s. The drive was very scenic and nice. Before reaching Soda Springs, we made a small detour to visit an unsupervised snow play area (Cisco Grove exit off I-80E) and we all had fun sliding down the slopes in our own saucer. This was the first snow experience for Vidyuth, Vishruth and L’s parents and we could see the excitement in all of them. We played here for 30 minutes or so before leaving for Soda Springs.

Vidyuth and Vishruth had all the fun at Planet Kids at Soda Springs. There was a really cool snow carousel for kids. They had lot of fun on the kid-sleds as well. L and Vidyuth also made snowman. After playing there for a couple of hours, we headed out to Reno and had lunch at IHOP before checking in to our hotel room. After relaxing for a few hours, we decided to check out the night life in Reno. We ordered in pizza for dinner and then visited Circus Circus first. We enjoyed the brilliant gymnastics show that was performed. I took L’s parents around the casino and we played for sometime in the slot machines. L was watching the kids since they weren’t allowed in the casino area. Since the kids couldn’t hang out for long, we headed back to our hotel and dropped of L, her mom and the kids.

L’s dad and I went back again, this time to Peppermill Casino and had a lot of fun there until midnight before returing back to our hotel. On Sunday morning, we headed to South Lake Tahoe driving via Carson City. We wanted to take the gondola ride at Heavenly. Unfortunately since there were very high winds, the gondola rides was cancelled for visitors and Vidyuth was very disappointed.

We then had lunch at an Indian place – Nikki’s chaat place. The food/service was extremely good commensurate with the high price that they charged. I would say it was still worth it. We then headed back to Fremont and reached home around 5.30pm

Overall it was a fun filled trip for all of us. We did take some pics and I’ll be posting a sample here when L uploads them from our camera to the PC 🙂 BTW, this is the 50th post in this blog and hence the title


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