Without a Trace

I love watching TV shows that deal with cops investigating crimes. Among my favorites are “Law & Order SVU”, “Law & Order” and more recently “Without a Trace”. I happened to catch a show of “Without a Trace” that really moved me, without a trace of doubt:-). It was about a missing person, a 17 year old guy, and how they actually find him eventually. They initially inform his parents, based on initial leads, that their son may be a drug addict and could have died when a deal went wrong and several other parent-shocking speculations.

The cops then discover a dead body matching the profile and description of this missing person. They inform the parents of the missing guy and ask them to come to morgue to make a positive identification. From this point on the next 10 minutes of the show was really very gripping and moving. The actors who played the role of the parents were so brilliant it was almost impossible to believe that they were acting. The subtle emotions, the crisp dialogues etc were really well executed. Anyways, eventually when they do see the body, as I had prayed, it turns out that it is not their son. They eventually find their son who has been kidnapped and he returns safely to them. Not all the shows have a happy ending, but this one inspite of falling in that category, really moved me a lot


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