Vidyuth’s Birthday Party

Vidyuth had his 4th birthday celebrations at Kids Castle, a kid fun/activity center with lot of interesting stuff for kids and some terrific pizza (more on that later). The only thing that I don’t like about the place is that they give you the room only for 1 hour exactly to cut the cake, eat the food. You can then relocate to the common area and the kids can play for as long as they possibly can, but you have to vacate the private room within 1 hr.

With the guest list being mostly Indians observing IST timings in a PST city, things actually got a little tense. This is inspite of the evite clearly telling people to arrive by 12:20pm so that the party can start at 12:30pm. Though we had the room from 12:30pm to 1.30pm, most of the guests arrived only around 12:55pm. Vidyuth cut the cake around 1.00pm and then for the next 30 minutes all of us feasted on the cake (Tres Leche from Safeway) and Pizzas (Pav bhaji pizza, panner tikka pizza, indian veggie pizza, cheese pizza) before hurriedly vacating the room to the common area

With Vishruth crying throughout, L (having leg and stomach pain) and I were taking turns holding him and he eventually dozed off on my shoulder and I took the liberty to lay him down on a friend’s stroller so that I could grab a bite (or slice??)

All the kids had lots of fun and the parents had a tough time convincing the chilren when it was time to leave. All in all it was a really good party and Vidyuth enjoyed every bit of it. This concludes the 4th elaborate and successful event that we have organized this year – Vishruth ayushahomam, Vishruth B’day, Navarathri and this one.


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