First earth quake experience

We have made it a routine to visit the local Hindu temple on Tuesday evenings. (start digression) We are not very religious or anything like that, but firmly believe in a divine power that controls everything from above (end digression). We were planning to do that on Tuesday October 30th as well. L however had a bad headache and wanted to backout and suggested that I still go with Vidyuth. For some reason, I didn’t want to leave her/Vishruth at home and go just with Vidyuth. I insisted that either all of us go together and or all of us stay back. I casually (I’m certainly not psychic) remarked “What if an earthquake happens when I’m away”. So we decided to skip the visit and planned to do it on another day

We finished dinner and then around 8.00pm when we were all sitting in the living room, we felt that the floor was shaking. We initially thought that some kids were running real hard outside on the corridor but within secs we realized it was an earthquake. All the golu dolls that we still had on the steps were shaking and we just ran outside with the kids. We waited outside for a few mins and also noticed that our neighbors were outside as well

It was certainly a scary experience (though it was only 25-30 secs) but fortunately there was no damage of any kind. Most of the people in the bay area that I spoke to had experienced it as well


One comment

  1. earthquake..aftermath..i did experience it twice. the first time when it struck, i was all alone in the house with my little tyson and i could feel the ground under my feet slipping. i thought tyson was shaking his body but when i went out in doubt, i saw all people standing out of their houses and discussing about “bhoogambham”. by GOD’s grace, all of u were together when earthquake struck ur place.

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