Day full of treats….no tricks!!

My 33rd birthday was very special indeed. L planned as much as she could considering that she was just recovering from pain after her stupendous marathon on Oct 21st. She baked a Banana bread cake topped with some cereal on 25th night. She made me crispy fried green beans and french onion soup for dinner on 26th (my birthday).

Not satisfied without giving me a delicious 4-course, she made Veggie fried rice and Veggie manchurian for dinner on Saturday. All of the above were incredibly tasty as was evident from what was leftover (or not left over). She also got me a nice T-shirt, jeans and a cute ring

To sum it up, my birthday and the days preceeding and following it were full of treats….no tricks!!


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  1. kalaraja says:

    wow, very happy for a fun filled b-day … full of treats and no tricks. what is that cute ring? noone mentioned about it. anyway we are very happy for a big or small gift – love and affection is the most imp. thing. many more happy returns of the day .. guru more happiness .. more cute gifts.. much more delicious dinner..with love

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