Navarathri Celebrations – Curtain Raiser

One of the things we do religiously every year in our house is the Navarathri celebrations. We actually take a lot of pride it and try to do it as sincerely as we can. Preparations are on in full swing in our for Navarathri this year. L and I have a ton of work to do. L is in charge of setting up the Golu steps, Golu, preparing Sundal for all the people who’ll be visiting us to see the decoration. I’m in charge of ensuring that there will be enough sweets/savories for the visitors, preparing gift bags (or goodie bags as we are used to calling them now) for the ladies and the children

We both will have a lot of work for the next few days particularly on Friday and Saturday as we will have a ton of people visiting. We plan to visit our friends’ Golu on Sunday

A real challenge this time will be to ensure that Vishruth doesn’t climb up the steps or brings the house (or Golu) down 🙂 Vidyuth isn’t much of a concern as he is going to be running around with the kids non-stop

More updates on the event will be posted at a later time….


One comment

  1. goodi bags – guru and vidyuth ! no dollar tree shopping this year i suppose as u have already done in chennai. sundal, variety rice, sweet, karam, juice or coffee – very exiting. every year addition of new dolls will be an added attraction – especially our super doll vish – i do not know what mischief he has got in store. as usual vidu’s feet will not touch ground when guest/kids are around. above all, laks’ marathon will be the highlight of vijayadasami. enjoy and have lot of fun.

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