Carbo loading – fill stomach to fill heart

Lakshmi is running the Nike Women’s Marathon this year on October 21st. One of the standard practices these days in our house is to have a carbs packed dinner (aka Carbo Loading) to Friday night as it helps her during the run. When I ran a marathon last year, Lakshmi (or sometimes her mom) used to prepare this dinner for me – which usually was either Pasta (or) Quinoa (pronounced keenwah). Since the roles have reversed this year, I was making Pasta for dinner on Friday night

Just to have a change this week (L had hinted earlier to me about a Pasta overdose), I decided to cook something else instead and searched for recipes on the net and decided to make the following – Minnestrone soup (L loves soups), Vegetable Chinese Fried Rice (L loves Chinese style fried rice) and Potato Fry (L loves potatoes)

Soup was served first as an appetizer, but L loved it so much that she had 2 bowls full. The fried rice and the potato fry also turned out to be really good and we had a hearty-carbo-loaded meal

Both our stomachs and hearts were full 🙂 It was immensely satisfying to be able to cook something for my dear L


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