Shake it up for dessert

After a quick/light dinner last night, I was still craving for something to feed that little corner in the stomach. Technically, I wanted to have a dessert. I thought of eating some fresh fruits and went to the pantry….lo and behold!!!…I decided to shake it up instead!!

I grabbed some fresh bananas, some organic frozen blueberries, a glass of milk, half a glass of water and pinch of sugar. Threw them all into the blender and in less than 60 seconds a healthy dessert was ready. It wasn’t too sweet or sour. Though I can’t really vouch for it, I felt that the flavors of the banana/blueberries kind of counter-balanced each other. This treat can help to add a boost to your breakfast or for a quick dessert after lunch/dinner

“Romba nalla irukku appa” from Vidyuth is endorsement enough for me and made my day!!


One comment

  1. hi guru, that was very lovely. i can still recall the days u made blueberry shake for me and mama. one day vidu gave me a real pat on my back by saying ” coot (koottu)podu patti – coot romba pramadham “, i hugged him for his comments. vidu used to enjoy his food and it will be great fun watching him eat. lets c what vish is going to do/say.

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