Labor Day Weekend

Whew!!!! Just to live up to the name, the weekend was full of labor…..loads of laundry, folding clothes, vaccum, cutting veggies for the week etc…

Lakshmi had her marathon training run on Saturday morning. So I prepared lunch – chana masala, tomato rasam and white rice. I also made kichdi for Vishruth. Saturday evening was an Oriental and not-to-be-forgotten one. Lakshmi made some out of the world items like Vegetable Manchurian, Cauliflower in Schezuan sauce, rice and noodles. Yummy….

Lakshmi also took the initiative to re-organise the rooms (kids and ours) and the result….for the first time the kids slept in their own rooms and we in ours (Sept 2nd 2007, day to remember). Lakshmi and I watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, very peacefully after putting the kids to bed

Lakshmi made some really wonderful Thenkuzhal, Seedai (salt and sweet) and Semiya Payasam for Sri Krishna Jayanthi (Lord Krishna’s birthday). Vidyuth thorougly enjoyed the process of preparation and helped his mom as well . It came out so good that even Vishruth, nibbling on small pieces, semeed very content. We also distributed some to our neighbors before proceeding to the temple for a quick prayer visit


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  1. kalaraja says:

    hi lgv u people have really become expert cooks besides marathon runners. here we are still beating round the bush – sambar, same old vatha kuzhambu, kootu and curry stuff and still claim tobe experts – i will not truly admit anyone here as great will be great sight to watch vidu and vish eat happilly. it is still fresh in my memory – when laks and ram were small, all of us used to sit in a circle in the kitchen and eat. even while making dosa, bajji or any hot stuff, all the three of them will sit near the door and eat from one plate. even during this visit, all of u sat in the kitchen had ur omlet and bread. i still cherish all those sweet memories.

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